ISLAMABAD - Demanding immediate ouster of two ministers Israrullah Zehri and Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani from the Federal Cabinet, civil society activists here on Wednesday strongly urged the PPP-led government to immediately revoke the decision of their appointments in the larger interest of citizens. The human rights activists jointly arranged a press briefing here to condemn the appointment of Israrullah Zehri, who allegedly supported the incident in which five women were buried alive buried in Blochistan and Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani, who allegedly gave five young girls in compensation in a Jirga as posted education and postal minister. The press conference was jointly organised by the Insani Haqooq Ittihad and its member organisation including WAF, SPO, Sungi, SDPI, Rozan, Aurat Foundation, Bedari,PODA and Actionaid. They said that the entire nation was shocked when the Senator Zehri defended the barbaric incident that took place in Jafarabad district, where women were brutally murdered and buried alive in the name of honour as Baloch tradition. The representatives of civil society demanded of the government to remove Israrullah Zehri and Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani, as federal ministers, who are well known for their anti-women stance and attitude. They said that it is to our utter disgust that now he has been rewarded with a Federal Ministry by our elected government adding that another equally sickening decision made by the federal government was the appointment of Mir Hazar Khan Bajarani as Minister of Education. They also informed that he is known for heading a jirga, in which he gave five girls for marriage to the victim's family as compensation to settle a murder case. Bajarani was arrested on the order of Supreme Court. They further alleged that there is video evidence of Bajarani's involvement in this criminal offence against innocent minor girls. The arrest orders of Bajarani came from a five-member SC bench headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudary. The bench included Justice Javed Iqbab,Justice Sardar Muhammad Raza Khan,Justice Faque Muhammad Khokhar and Justice M Javed Buttar. While speaking at the occasion Farzana Bari, a eminent civil society activist, said that we feel that decision of their appointment is not only going to promote "Honour Killings", but it has also brought shame to us as a nation. She further continued that this is an insult to all the segment of our society and their appointments as federal ministers proved to be a total disregard of human and women rights in our country. She said that we also have contacted the international organisations and embassies for support and assistance in this very issue. "We want to convey the message to the government that we will not stop our public protests until these tow minister are removed from the Cabinet", said Nasreen Azhar another human rights activists. Speaking on the occasion, Maleha Rasheed, representative of Rozan also said that appointment of these two ministers proves total disregard of human and women rights in our country.