CHICAGO (AFP) - US President-elect Barack Obama vowed Wednesday that "help is on the way" for those affected by the nation's economic woes as he announced the creation of an economic recovery advisory board. Heading in to the Thanksgiving shopping weekend, which retailers fear could prove a bust as customers tighten their belts, Obama said concerns about the financial future were understandable. "I think it is important for the American people, though, to have confidence that we've gone through recessions before, we've gone through difficult times before, that my administration intends to get this economy back on track," he said at his third Press conference in as many days detailing his economic plans. "So people should understand that help is on the way," Obama said as he outlined a bold plan which he aimed to implement as soon as he takes office on January 20. Obama touted his plan to create 2.5m jobs over the next two years through an infrastructure spending spree, and said, "Our future is bright if we make good decisions." While he warned against getting caught up in a "downward spiral," Obama did not urge people to flood stores as a means of kick-starting the economy. Obama expressed "frustration with the incapacity of Washington to take bold, clear, decisive steps to deal with our economic problems" but expressed support for the Federal Reserve's move to inject another $800b into the economy to stabilise the US financial system. Obama also declared that his administration's vision for change would come "from me" as he defended his choice of Clinton-era officials to head his economic team. Obama dodged a question about further cabinet picks as reports said he would retain Robert Gates as defence secretary and nominate Hillary Clinton for secretary of state. But after some grumbling from liberal supporters about his cabinet selections so far, Obama said it was inevitable that he would tap high-ranking officials drawn from the last Democratic administration of Bill Clinton. Obama said the US public would be rightly "troubled" if he had chosen a Treasury secretary or chief economic adviser who had no government experience at "one of the most critical economic times in our history." "What we're going to do is combine experience with fresh thinking," he said, stressing that his new team had the background of government service to "hit the ground running." Obama has named two Clinton-era officials to head his economic team - Timothy Geithner as Treasury secretary and Larry Summers as chairman of the White House's National Economic Council. On Wednesday, Obama appointed former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker to lead a new panel of advisers to steer the US economy back to health. "It has become increasingly clear in recent months that we are facing an economic crisis of historic proportions," Obama told reporters, announcing the creation of the "President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board." "At this defining moment for our nation, the old ways of thinking and acting just won't do," he said. "We are called to seek fresh thinking and bold new ideas from the leading minds across America."