ISLAMABAD - Senate Standing Committee on Sports recommended that the Ministry of Sports should take steps for bringing legislation in collaboration with Ministry of Law to bring all the sports organisations including Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) under the umbrella of sports ministry. The Committee met here at the Parliament House on Wednesday under the chairmanship of Senator Zafar Iqbal Chaudhry that also recommended for launching an exclusive sports channel for the promotion of the sports in the country. Also, Senators Fauzia Fakhur-uz-Zaman, Dr. Kauser Firdous, Haroon Khan, Muhammad Enver Baig, Sabina Raouf, Razina Alam Khan, Tariq Azim Khan and Sardar Muhammad Jamal Khan Leghari attended the meeting. All the members of the Committee were of the view that such an initiative would help to a great extent revive the past glory. The Committee in its meeting analysed the report of the Sub-Committee of the Senate Standing Committee on Sports to improve the standard of sports in the country. The committee lauded the efforts of Senator Muhammad Enver Baig, the Convener of the Sub-Committee and other members, who gave their input to improve the performance of various sports bodies working in the country. The committee approved the 20 recommendations unanimously and expressed the hope that these recommendations would help a lot to bring improvement in the sports in the country. The House gave following recommendations: 1. Sports policy should be re-written after getting feed-back from the principle stake holders including provincial governments, Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) and national sports federations and should be reviewed after every four years and necessary changes should be made in it after taking stakeholders into confidence. 2. Pakistan should concentrate on those games in which it has potential. 3. Annual grants/budget of federations should be enhanced and the Ministry should ensure their proper utilisation. It should be mandatory for the provinces to allocate 2 per cent of their budget for promotion of games. 4. Federations should generate their own funds by getting sponsorships. Most of the heads of the federations can play their role in this regard as in most cases federation heads are influential individuals. 5. Involve those in the affairs of sports bodies, which have knowhow about sports and discourage services of international players to improve the standard of the games. However, services should only be acquired if coaches are not available. 6. Youngsters should be groomed at an early age to realise their full potential. 7. Provision of funds for promotion of sports should not be sole criteria. Other aspects in this regard should also be taken into consideration. 8. The grants of sports federations should be released in one go and Ministry should monitor installments and their utilization. 9. The government interference in day-to-day affairs of the sports institutions/federations would result in complications; therefore, the government at all level should avoid this practice. 10. Talent hunt programmes should be launched by all federations and six monthly reports be submitted to the Ministry. 11. Job incentive should be given to the players to enhance their interest in their respect games. All employers in government and private sectors should have special quota for sportsmen. 12. Each sports body should have representation from the Standing Committee of the Senate and National Assembly to monitor their working. 13. All sports body must be accountable to Ministry of Sports and PSB. 14. The Ministry should take steps for bringing legislation in this regard in collaboration with Ministry of Law. This includes Pakistan Cricket Board. Ministry of Sports should be represented on all boards. 15. Inputs from ex-players and technocrats should be taken in formulation of sports policy to achieve better results. 16. The President-ship of sports federations should be given to individuals who could spare time for the promotion of the games. 17. The admission in educational institutions should also be granted on sports quota basis. 18. The federation should get benefits form the experience and service of sports legends for the uplift of the games. 19. Pakistan Television (PTV) should launch a sports channel for promotion of games in the country. 20. It should be mandatory for private schools, colleges and universities having strength more than 200 students to construct their play grounds or use the play grounds of the government schools to give healthy environment to their students.