In the first place, it is hoping against hope that Obama will have any special consideration for Muslims of the world just because religion of his biological father was Islam. Obama disowns Islam and professes to be a Christian. In global politics, interests take overriding priority over emotions or religions, neocons being an exception. Obama is the President of a secular democracy and an American. We should expect him to only look after his country's interests. Introspectively speaking what care do the Muslims show for a Muslim neighbour, or even another Muslim country? We kill each other in our own countries, we let others kill Muslims, eg in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Palestine for our interests. Why build up false hopes on Obama's parentage, just because his father shared his religion with us? To hope for something better, Muslims must do some soul-searching and work for self-actualization, to overcome their weakness and build up strength, to rise within and above to be a powerful global fraternity. -NOOURE ZEENATE JEHAN, Karachi, via e-mail, November 13.