It seems it was the name of his spouse in an early list of the NRO beneficiaries that compelled Prime Minister to tell his law minister to release list of all beneficiaries of the NRO. But the name of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto was still withheld. Two giant beneficiaries, Asif Ali Zardari and Altaf Husain, were included nevertheless. Political pundits are of the view that the storm between Zardari and Gilani brewing for long is now ready to erupt to the fore. The history of Leghari, the President, and Benazir, the Prime Minister, is likely to be repeated unless Gilani submits to Zardari completely, sacrificing all his scruples and morals. The list of the NRO beneficiaries is only one side of the story. People of Pakistan now also want to know the names of countless beneficiaries that were forgiven their loan-defaults. After all, the money usurped by the influential and criminals through default of loans is also truly massive. Through this letter, I urge the Chief Justice of Pakistan and the Prime Minister to release that list also. If the money is retrieved from these big shots, that would be no less a contribution than the one we expect from the Friends of Pakistan. -MAHMOOD GHAZANVI, Sialkot, November 26.