Is President Zardari really in control of Pakistan? That was the question put by President Manmohan Singh of India when he said he did not know with whom should he talk to in Pakistan. India is frustrated as it feels the Army still controls Pakistan. The Pakistani people all agree with him on this point. It is the question that bothers us everyday. After people voted Zardari in and ousted Musharraf, our foreign policy that had been made by a select few generals and bureaucrats was expected to change. We expected all our policies to be different from the Musharraf era but especially wanted Islamabad to dump America with all its follies (like the Af-Pak) and look east towards China, Russia, Iran and other countries in SCO. Peace in the region has to be really our 'national interest'. Our current foreign policy is based on sacrificing ourselves for all the American whims and their interests of which Kargil was the latest war with India that we fought. The 1965 war, and even the 1947 war for Kashmir, were all basically American strategic initiatives, as they call it, to make India fall into their laps. It is now fallen. These strategic Americans initiatives concluded in the latest Indo-US partnership after which India is running around globally calling Pakistan the terrorist base of the world. India calls us the sponsor of all terrorism in the world for having 'invented' the Mujahideen, Taliban, and Mother of all Evils, the Al-Qaeda, even though, the Americans were an equal partner with us in all these dirty deeds. -DR. KHURRUM SHAUKAT YUSAFZAI, Peshawar, November 25.