ISLAMABAD (APP) - The Auto Teller Machines (ATMs) would remain open and continue smooth functioning during Eid-ul-Azha holidays to facilitate the customers. The bank managements have made special arrangements and would keep sufficient cash in ATM machines to ensure that customers draw the money easily during these holidays. The National Bank of Pakistan would put Rs.3 million in each of its ATMs so that uninterrupted cash flow to customers continues, Manager NBP, Civic Center Branch, Abdul Nasir told APP. He, however, added that no further cash would be available in case the customers withdraw all the Rs. 3 million. He was of the view that Rs.3 million would be more than sufficient to cater to the needs of four days adding that most of the salaried class people have already withdrawn their salaries through cheques as well as ATMs. We dont think that the amount would finish within four days, as most of the bank customers, who belong to salaried class have drawn their salaries and would hardly need to draw more money during these days, he observed. It may be recalled the bank customers had to face difficulties during Eid-ul-Fitr as the ATMs went out of order due to cash shortage. On the other hand, although most of the ATM machines of twin cities remained functional on the eve of Eid-ul-Azha, however excessive rush prevailed at every ATM kiosk. The ATM centers remained overcrowded as the government has transferred in advanced salaries to facilitate the employees on the occasion of Eid. After the introduction of ATM cards, most of the people, especially salaried class uses this service for withdrawal of their salaries to save time and avoid using cheques, said Fayyaz Nasim. However, people have to suffer as they would keep on standing in queues due to excessive rush at these kiosks, he added. There were also complaints that a few ATM machines were not working for long, creating rush at other ATM kiosks. The NBP ATM Machine at Super Market and Aabpara are out of order for a long time, claimed a government employee, Ahsan Mughal.