KARACHI (APP) - Cold and cough may sound to be benign, yet their manifestations, as irritation in throat, choked nostrils, headache are quite distressing for the sufferer. People in Karachi, pertaining to all age groups, emerged to be inflicted with the condition as the port city experiences fluctuating temperatures. Dr. Zahid Qureishi, a senior physician said cold and cough causes nostril inflammation among all age groups of people, but particularly in children below one. This inflammation gets further aggravated when the person concerned is exposed to passive smoking, the doctor said. He said young children with comparatively poor immunity have to bear the major brunt, often due to indifference of their own family members, including father, indulged in cigarette smoking without any regard for their surrounding. This must be remembered that passive smoking is as hazardous for those around smokers as active smoking is for the smoker himself or herself, he warned. The plight of vulnerable child was said not to be simply restricted to nostrils but also affecting his or her chest and ear, which due to inflammation causes pain and discharge. The senior physician also referred to toxic smoke emitted by motor vehicles aggravating the condition among people suffering from cold or influenza and directly exposed to hazardous emissions. He said some of the sufferers may also report with irritation in eyes, water discharge from eyes, vertigo and restlessness. Inflammation in nostril, he said can cause watery and smell-less discharge or thick sputum like excrete which may lead to a little difficulty in breathing. Advising people not to resort to unnecessary medication, Dr. Zahid said steaming can offer considerable relief, that too preferably before going to bed. One must under any condition not get exposed to open air once has gone for steaming, he said. The physician also suggested people to help themselves as well as their children in developing immunity and resistance against infections through healthy life style, regular exercise being its integral part. Deep breathing and morning walk, he said can be of considerable help.