Pakistan is in a state of war. There is crisis all over. Suicide bombers are having a field day, especially in the NWFP. Millions are running from pillar to post for atta, sugar, etc. The crisis of paddy is building up rapidly while the continuous whine of generators being heard everywhere in our cities is a constant reminder of the acute shortage of electricity we are suffering from. In the middle of being subject to all and sundry calamities, we also hear our print and electronic media crying hoarse about corruption in the corridors of power. According to Transparency International, corruption is so rampant that the fate of the NRO would decide the fate of the nation. The situation being so pathetic, an all-pervasive disillusionment has set in among our hapless people. In this gloomy environment, the Armed Forces of Pakistan are providing more than a glimmer of hope. While the government continues to search for its soul, Pakistan Army is battling the terrorists with full force and commitment. The recent success in Swat and subsequent forays into the SWA has raised the morale of the entire nation. The people are hoping and praying for Army's success in Waziristan. While the military action is proceeding satisfactorily on the battlefront, it is nonetheless disconcerting to see the action, or rather inaction, on the government front. The Army can only create some space for us. After that it is the responsibility of the government and the political leadership to fill the gap, lest a vacuum appears. We have not seen any worthwhile administrative or political activity since Swat got cleared. The same is happening in SWA. -BRIGADIER AKHTAR ZAMIN (Rtd), Karachi, November 25.