MULTAN (APP) - Agriculture experts have urged growers to complete wheat sowing by Nov 30 to avoid reduction in yield. Middle stage of late wheat sowing has begun from Nov 20 and will conclude on Nov 30, after which delay by a day will cost growers a loss of 12-15 kilogram per acre in yield, says a release issued by media liaison unit (MLU) of Punjab agriculture department here. Experts said growers would suffer one per cent production loss in case they delay the sowing by a day and each passing delay would add to this loss. They said growers should use Seed having 8 per cent germination strength or in case of low strength seed per acre quantity be increased. Healthy and certified seed be applied in case of late sowing from Nov 16 to 30 at the rate of 60 kg per acre because cold weather affects seed germination capability after Nov 20. Sowing bigger quantity of seed per acre will result in enhanced production and the same will also address weeds problem. The experts said growers should opt for certified seed varieties including Sahar 2006, Shafaq 2006, Fareed 2006, Uqab 2000, Faisalabad 2008, Lasani 2008, and Meraj 2008 because they have capability to give good yield even in case of late sowing. Growers should apply one bag of Potash and half bag of Urea at the time of sowing while the remaining Nitrogen be utilized in two phases. Average fertile land should have one and half bag of DAP, a bag of Potash, and half bag Urea at the time of sowing and remaining Nitrogen be applied on two occasions later on. Phosphorous fertilizers is important for wheat crop because it improves strength of roots and truck, thickens granule and create resistance against diseases.