KARACHI In one of the closets ever final played at Karachi Club, top seed Khurram Agha defeated Naveen Perwani in a thrilling final by five frames to four to win the 13th Karachi open snooker title here late Thursday evening at Karachi Club, the home of Pakistan snooker. The fate of the final, which gave Khurram Agha winners purse of Rs 20,000, was decided in the final 9th frame by just one point when the winner won 75-74. The score in favour of Khurram was 65-50, 05-68, 65-40, 37-80, 88-43, 46-99, 22-66, 70-14, 75-74. Abdul Wadhid Qadir Jetalsarwala, secretary Karachi Club, who the guest of honour in the final, witnessed by a packed hall. Naveen Perwani won Rs 12,000 as runners up prize. Khurram Agha also won Rs 2000 for the highest break of the championship. Results: Quarter-final: Naveen Perwani beat Javed Ansari 5-2(0-80,61-45,59-46,42-86,77-45,81-27,73-8). Saquib beat Qasim Kamani 5-2(84-21,37-82,74-6,64-43,61-38,20-59,66-17). Sohail beat Sultan 5-0(60-18,70-62,87-41,64-29,70-4). Khurram Agha beat Vishin 5-2(80-12,29-84,52-57,64-25,81-4,62-46,79-16). Semi-final: Naveen Perwani beat Saquib Butt 5-2(55-41,69-10,45-58,69-35,65-25,39-62,71-9). Khurram H Agha beat Sohail Shahzad 5-0( 100-22,96-0,75-24,55-45,72-67). Final: Khurran H Agha beat Naveen Perwani 5-4( 65-50,05-68,65-40,37-80,88-43,46-99,22-66,70-14,75-74)