We are passing through a difficult phase of our national life. Terrorist attacks have caused huge loss of life and property. The suicide bombers have made life very unsafe. They kill themselves to destroy the lives and properties of thousands of innocent people. Who are they? Some say they are religious people of the extreme fringe who hate the irreligious. They think that they would go to heavens if they could rid this world of those who do not follow Allah's commands. What explanation a suicide bomber has for killing those who he thinks are irreligious? The intellectuals say he has been indoctrinated to a point where he is unable to pay heed to reason or logic. Who is responsible for such indoctrination? Many people believe the prayer leaders, madressa teachers and religious scholars are responsible for creating this frenzied state of mind. These mullahs, they say, have a grouse that they have never been accepted by the society. The intellectual elite of this country has always looked down upon them and treated them scornfully. They have been victims of a kind of apartheid. This indoctrination that they impart to the youth may be their reaction to the treatment meted out to them. The government, therefore, should immediately take some practical steps to integrate the men from seminaries in the mainstream of the society. -MUHAMMAD IQBAL SHAIKH, Lahore, November 26.