LAHORE - PML-N senior leader Zafar Ali Shah has said that names of the NRO beneficiaries should be put in Exit Control List (ECL) and an independent Accountability Commission be formed to ensure transparent probe into the cases of NRO recipients. Talking to The Nation on Thursday, Zafar Ali not only made the demand to put the names of the NRO beneficiaries in ECL but he also demanded that the government should ensure a transparent probe into the cases of NRO recipients to recover the looted money of the people of Pakistan. He said that the incumbent government was in power for last several years but instead of strengthening an accountability process to apprehend the culprits of the nation, it had weakened the National Accountability Bureau (NAB). He said that it was the demand of the masses and all the political parties to bring to justice those who plundered peoples money. Zafar said that the PML -N had set an example regarding NRO beneficiaries as Saeed Mehdi who was a prominent member of his party resigned when Mehdis name appeared in NRO recipients list, however, another member Rana Nazeer announced that he would face the courts in this regard. He said the PML-N made no demand of resignation from President Asif Ali Zardari on moral ground after appearance of his name in NRO list, adding that PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif had made a sensible and democratic demand in this regard as he had asked the President to deal with the matter in the light of the integrity of his office as the President got immunity under Article 248 of the Constitution. He said that his party would not take any unconstitutional step. Regarding the possibility of mid-term polls, he said it was his political opinion that if the government failed to deliver and bad governance persisted, the people of Pakistan would soon be demanding mid-term elections and it would not be an illegitimate demand. He observed that peoples demand regarding mid-term polls would be the only way to turn the bad governance into good governance, end the existing status quo and to eliminate the role of anti-democratic forces in politics. About holding the mid-term polls in the current poor law and order situation, he said that it was the responsibility of the government and its machinery to hold peaceful elections if the people of this country demanded it in the near future. The PML-N leader said that the government could not ignore a-would-be-demand of the masses for holding mid-term polls under the cover of poor law and order situation as the masses would not allow the rulers to put the sovereignty of the country and Constitution on stake anymore. About the accusations from few PPP leaders on PML-N leadership for destabilising the current set-up, he said that those who laid such allegations should consult President Asif Zardari who himself in his address to the PPP leaders on Nov 25, 2009 said Opposition especially the PML-N was playing a positive role for strengthening the democracy in the country. He said it was not the PML-N but the poor policies and bad governance that had been creating dents in the incumbent government. Zafar said that the PML-N was being labeled as 'friendly opposition but party Quaid Nawaz Sharif stated on several occasions that they wanted the government to complete its term and they would not become part of any unconstitutional move but the PML-N would continue to point out the bad and poor areas of the government. He said that PPP leaders instead of accusing others should put in order their own rank and file.