THE manner in which the NWFP police have braved the terrorist attacks, which have been occurring with maddening frequency in and around Peshawar and some other towns of the province in recent days, and the number of casualties they have suffered as a result, certainly call for special praise. General Kayani's word of commendation for their sacrifices, in his address at the Police Lines, Peshawar, on Wednesday is, therefore, not only well-timed but will also serve as a much needed encouragement. He acknowledged with appreciation the way the people of Peshawar lived up to their proud tradition of bravery, resilience and grit during the recent spate of terrorist bombings. Citing the security forces' successful role in clearing Malakand Division of militants and their inroads in South Waziristan, he expressed his resolve that the nation would emerge triumphant in the war against terrorism and extremism. He assured the audience that any threat to the integrity and sovereignty of the country founded in the name of Islam would not be tolerated and urged efforts to be made to achieve the goal of establishing a true Islamic state. One must specially appreciate the fact that the COAS decided to visit Peshawar and personally convey his feelings to the police, while politicians, who should be in the forefront interacting with the victims, have shied away from doing so. General Kayani also visited the Combined Military Hospital and Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar, to boost the morale of the injured security men. General Kayani assured the police of army's full support in the current struggle to defeat the designs of those who were trying to destabilise the country at the instance of the enemies of Pakistan. This was obviously a reference to the foreign forces, including India, which were giving all kinds of help to the militants. The COAS also assured that the police's needs for equipment would be adequately met, and, in fact, asked them to use army's resources, including equipment, if required. In a meeting with Governor Owais Ahmed Ghani and Chief Minister Amir Haider Khan Hoti, he exchanged views about the operation against militants and the law and order situation in the province. The issue of reconstruction of the affected areas and rehabilitation of the displaced persons also came up, and they discussed the measures so far taken towards that end. In this context, the training given to over 900 students from FATA at the Khyber Institute of Technical Training being run by Corps Headquarters is but a small step. This will help them secure gainful employment and have a stake in life. However, changing the extremist mindset in the tribal areas and elsewhere would need radical measures, with comprehensive planning and hard work.