ISLAMABAD (Agencies) Pakistan stepped up warnings Thursday that an expected US decision to send tens of thousands more soldiers to Afghanistan could destabilise its Balochistan province. Our only concern is that when US sends more troops to Afghanistans Helmand area, if there will be influx of militants they will be moving to Balochistan, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani told a Press conference. This is the concern that we already discussed with the US administration, that influx of militants towards Balochistan should be taken care of otherwise that can destabilise Balochistan, said Gilani, speaking in English. A stable Afghanistan is in Pakistans interest - but at the same time we also do not want our country to be destabilised, said Gilani. We have asked US administration to consult us in case of any paradigm shift in the policy... so that we can formulate our strategy accordingly, said the prime minister. Responding to a question, Gilani said the government was ready to negotiate with Baloch nationalist leaders on any terms within the ambit of the Constitution. Gilani said he was already in contact with Baloch leadership, however, did not want to reveal details prematurely. About the Baloch nationalists in self-exile, Gilani said, Our government will make every effort to bring them back to country and include them into national mainstream. He said the leadership abroad had been invited for a 'meaningful dialogue besides encouraging them to play role in uplift of their province. The prime minister said all Baloch leaders, including Brahamdagh Bugti and Talal Bugti, had been invited for negotiations, and mentioned his regards for Bugti family, as his father and Nawab Akbar Bugti were cabinet colleagues. When asked if negotiations meant holding talks with those charged with criminal acts, Gilani said politics was a day-to-day affair and recalled that he was also labelled with such allegations while not in the government. He suggested setting up a parliamentary committee to work on negotiations with Baloch leaders and to invite them to play their role in national politics. Gilani said it was for the first time in the countrys history that a tradition had been set up to take all political parties on board about all issues of national importance. He said Nawab Lashkari Raisani could attend the committee meeting today, as was Saudi Arabia for Haj. The prime minister termed 'Aghaz-e-Huqooq-e-Balochistan not just a package but a step forward for which the Baloch people had been waiting for the last 63 years. Balochistan is a vital part of the country and deserves the same rights as other provinces. Pointing to the fact that the package was presented before a joint sitting of the Parliament being the highest forum in the country, he said the govt wanted to take smaller provinces into confidence on an important development. Refuting the impression that a section of political leadership had rejected the Balochistan package, Gilani it was presented before the Parliament for 'fine tuning besides media acting as a witness, adding that it was the time to end sense of deprivation prevailing among the Baloch masses to give them their due rights. We have to give them their rights in any case, the prime minister asserted. He also dispelled the impressions that the package was just a bundle of recommendations. Insisting that it was in a ready form to be implemented on a short-term basis.