KARACHI (APP) - Sufficient yarn was available in the country as its production has increased by 20,000 tons to 245,000 tons in the country during October 2009. This was stated by vice chairman APTMA, Shahzad Ahmed addressing a press conference along with zonal chairman and other office bearers at Karachi Press Club here Thursday evening. He said that 20 closed mills have restarted their operations due to rising demand, increase in cotton production and end of load shedding for textile sector. He hoped that other 60 mills will also be functional again if their working capital requirement is met by the bank. Responding to a question Shahzad said that about 500 spinning mills were in operation and there was no shortage of cotton yarn as propagated by the value added sector. Referring to news reports, he said that members of All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) were fearing imposition of some quota limit on cotton yarn export or some kind of duty on yarn export. This will create a panic in the market, slashing spinning capacity by half in March. The export of yarn is only 30 percent of the total production which was nearly 3 million tons last year, said zonal chairman Yasin Malik. He urged the government to refrain from intervening in the market and let the demand supply mechanism work freely. He said that yarn price has been increased because of rise in cotton prices which grew by at least 30 percent this year compared to last year.