OUR STAFF REPORTER KHARIAN - While the authorities concerned have fallen into a deep slumber, owners of bricks-kilns have doubled rates of bricks without any cogent reason or justification. Residents say that 1,000 bricks that could be purchased at Rs3,500 some three months back were now being sold for Rs7,000. Earlier, bricks-kiln owners had increased rates of 1,000 bricks to Rs5,000. Afterwards, when sales tax was announced, they added another Rs2,000 to the cost of 1,000 bricks though the tax was not levied. A brick-kiln owner claims that inflated prices of coal has forced them to increase prices of bricks. According to him, 10 tonnes of coal cost them Rs1,05,000. He says that fare of truck from Chohasaidan has been increased from Rs6,000 to Rs14,000. Higher authorities have been appealed to ensure sale of bricks on official rates.