SWAT - Destroying Swat peace will be shown no mercy and the responsible will be punished as per rule of law. Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry addressing lawyers of the Malakand division during an oath-administering ceremony of Peshawar High Court Bar Association, Mingora at Wadudia Hall building, Saidu Sharif here on Saturday, said if needed courts would hear cases inside jails. He said justice will be provided to Malakand division people at their door steps adding that more judges will be appointed in Anti-Terrorism Courts of Swat in order to endow with speedy justice The chief justice said that the people of swat owing to their valuable sacrifices migrated from their native town for restoring peace in the region which will be remembered always. Swat is indeed the Switzerland of East and I am very pleased that peace is fully restored here and life has returned to normalcy, he said. The relation between the Bench and Bar is important in achieving the independence of judiciary and to achieve the goal of providing justice to people at their doorsteps. He said role of the local courts was to deliver justice to the masses adding when the Peshawar High Court, Mingora Bench (Darul Qaza) was established two judges were deputed to provide speedy justice to the people of Malakand at the moment. Felicitating the newly-elected Peshawar High Court, Mingora Bench Bar members he said, We are committed, dedicated and devoted to work for the cause of supremacy of Constitution, rule of law and improvements in the administration of justice in the country. Our cause is to administer justice and there should be no rule except the Constitutionalism. We should move together instead of being distracted by minor issues. If there is unity, the resolution of matters can be achieved easily. Sher Muhammad Khan, speaking on the occasion, said the Bench and the Bar are united for the cause of the independence of judiciary. We always strived to keep the flag of independent judiciary flying higher and higher. Earlier, Chief Justice arrived in Swat on Friday on a two-day visit, travelling all the way by road from Islamabad. He was accompanied by Justice Nasarul Mulk who himself belongs to Swat. The honourable judge was warmly received in Swat by the Chief Justice Peshawar High Court, Dost Muhammad Khan and President High Court Swat Bar (Darul Qaza), Sher Muhammad Khan. It is to be noted that this is the Chief Justices first visit to Swat. Adequate measures have been taken to put security on high alert during the CJPs visit.