SHUJABAD PTI Chairman Imran Khan has strongly condemned the Nato attack in Mohmand Agency, urging the government to separate Pakistan from the war on terror. The attack is not launched by Pakistans enemies. Instead, it is carried out by its ally, he said while addressing a public gathering Saturday. Imran went on: Pakistan has lost 40,000 lives in the war against terror and our soldiers are being killed by these so-called allies. He said the so-called war on terror was launched by a man who was greedy for dollars. He added that the war unleashed suicide bombings and act of terrorism in Pakistan. I said seven years ago that the war on terror did not belong to Pakistan, he said, adding that there was no military solution to the militancy. Now, time has come for the government to withdraw from the war, the cricketer-turned-politician said. He said peasants have been paying the price for corruption of rulers. He said that the government, which claims to have given peace a chance, is violating the resolution of the all-party conference (APC). Foreseeing his partys victory in the next general election, he said: No party can stop PTIs tsunami now.