MANCHESTER: Former home minister Sindh Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza and Lord Nazir almost became victim of an attack when they were about to leave in a car after addressing a public meeting here. Some five unidentified men holding iron rods in their hand tried to attack Mirza and Lord Nazir when they were going to the car along with five supporters. Both the leaders remained unhurt in the incident, however, three supporters were injured in the attack. The attackers managed to escape from the scene. Mirza and Lord Nazir have moved a complaint with Manchester police and they were assured that the attackers would be identified through CCTV footage. Later talking to newsmen, Mirza said such attacks could not affect his London mission which solely revolved around Altaf Hussain and his party. Blasting Interior Minister Rehman Malik, he said he holds a fake doctorate degree. Time will soon come when I will expose his (Malik) corruption.