Pakistan has protested to the government of Afghanistan over the attacks launched by NATO helicopters and aircrafts from Afghan soil into Pakistani territory. According to foreign office statement issued here on Sunday, the protest underscores that the use of Afghan territory against Pakistan by NATO/ISAF is also a violation of ISAF's mandate for operations in Afghanistan. The protest adds that Afghanistan should take necessary measures to ensure that such acts are not carried out from its territory against Pakistan. It is pertinent to mention that at least 24 soldiers were killed and 16 other injured in the air strike launched by NATO in Mohmand agency, along Afghan border, on Saturday. The political and military leadership in Pakistan has conveyed strong reaction over the incident. After the attack the government called in Defenses Cabinet committee emergency meeting that ordered US to vacate Shamsi airbase and immediately suspended NATO supplies to Afghanistan via Pakistan. Pakistan had also lodged protest with NATO headquarters in Brussels and Obama administration in Washington.