LAHORE Muslim scholars, addressing the faithful who are attending the second leg of a religious congregation near the city of Raiwind, on Saturday advised them to spread the eternal message of Islam and invite the infidels to embrace the religion of peace and prosperity (Islam) and make collective efforts for the betterment of mankind. They told the participants that hypocrisy, an act considered the worst in Islam, was common among the modern Muslims across the Islamic world. The majority of the Muslims have indulged themselves in hypocrisy and other such evils, said one preacher. O, Muslims Purify your thoughts, feelings and routine wise work from wrongdoings as Almighty Allah will impeach us on such things on the Day of Judgment, he added. Delivering special sermons, Maulana Muhammad Saad and Maulana Muhammad Ahmed Bahawalpuri said that Emaan cannot be completed until or unless the rights of the people are fully provided and they are properly treated. Of course, the rights of Almighty Allah have their own value but Allah Himself has directed us to take care of His creatures, especially the poor Muslims, they added. The real purpose of this world is to work for the betterment of others and console them in the time of need instead of giving birth to several children and working for ones own benefits and luxuries. The Ulema advised the participants to shape their lives in accordance with the dynamic principles of Islam and after having sufficient understating of Din-e-Islam, we Muslims are bound to spread this message across the globe. The added: We have to mould our each act in accordance with the golden principles of Islam and the teachings of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) as this is also a good deed, said the Ulema. The participants of the worlds second largest Islamic congregation will departure on Sunday with the responsibility that they have to spread the message of Islam across the world. The two main preachers said they were trying to fulfill their responsibility by propagating the message of Islam and for this purpose we do not need any kind of favour or designation by the provincial or federal governments. Advising them to avoid hurting the feelings of their Muslims brethren, they said the participants should fear Allah. The Computer of Almighty Allah is capturing each scene in our lives and on the Day of Judgment each character of the film will utter dialogue in its native language without any assistance by director, they stated. According to the religious scholars, this world is like a stage and we Muslims are actors so we should picturise each character and scene with perfection so Almighty Allah may become happy with us in the world in hereafter. Maulana Zubair-ul-Hassan, the chief of Jammat of India, will offer collective prayer at around 11am (Sunday) and after that the participants will departure for different countries. Meanwhile, the entire traffic will be suspended from Thokar Niaz Baig to Raiwind and from Raiwind to Thokar Niaz Baig. The City Traffic Police spokesman has said that according to the departure plan, first of all small vehicles will be dispatched and later on the heavy vehicles. Moreover, after collective prayer the City Traffic Police FM Radio with 88.6 frequency will on air special guiding programs and will provide guidance to the citizens and motorists as a whole. The CTO Ahmed Mobin has asked the participants in case of emergency the citizen can approach Raiwind City via traveling Ferozepur Road-Suay Asil-Laliyani.