According to a recent survey carried out by Nawa-i-Waqt, prices of essential commodities have gone up by a staggering proportion of 200 percent. It is no overstatement that the federal as well as provincial governments have totally failed to control this phenomenon. Their helplessness or rather disinterest is apparent by the fact that the traders have been raising prices of their own free will. The ordinary man is made to suffer because his income has not increased among other factors. It is true that the government’s borrowing from the domestic banks has crossed all limits, while an average taxpayer has been paying for the luxurious living style of the ruling class. Though the government keeps preaching austerity yet it fails to adapt the practice as manifest in the non-developmental expenditure. It is a pity that not long ago flour was being sold at Rs 13 per kilogram; now the price has jumped to Rs 32 per kg. Likewise, sugar was sold at Rs 21 per kg which has now reached Rs 55 per kg. People have hardly any faith left in government’s promises. It appears the main reason behind consistent poverty is fixing the petroleum prices at short intervals. Since the general elections are just around the corner, the authorities concerned ought to review the situation and come out with measures to arrest the growing inflation.