KARACHI - Terrorists have failed to sabotage the central procession of Muharram and exploded a bomb a day after the main procession here on Monday.  The blast was taken place at a cement block-making site located in Malir area in which a man was killed and three others wounded.Police said the victim namely Salha Muhammad, 65, was busy making blocks when the blast occurred. The bomb carried some one kilogramme explosives which wounded Salha and three others including Allah Warayo, Haji Ghulam Hussain, and Muhammad Anwar. Residents of the areas shifted the victims to nearby hospital where Salah succumbed to injuries while admitted rest of the victims with critical wounds. Police, rangers and bomb disposal squad rushed to the spot after being informed.SSP SIU Farooq Anwan told newsmen that bomb was planted at a block-making site and the explosive was also contained in cement block that was apparently exploded with mobile phone device.He said terrorists had an aim to explode the device on 10th Muharram but suspension of mobile phone service restrained them from achieving the target therefore they exploded the device on Monday.Meanwhile, a low intensity blast was occurred in Gulistan-e-Jauhar on late Saturday evening while bomb disposal squad defused another bomb planted near the first blast site. According to details, the bomb was planted near the Amroha Society located in Gulistan-e-Jauhar. Heavy contingent of law enforcers reached the site and called the bomb disposal squad. Police officials said that bomb was planted to target the mourners of 9th Muharram procession but the procession did not go through the said route therefore it did not bring much harm. They said that the locally made explosive was used in the bomb which was planted on the green belt. During sweeping of the area, the BDS experts found another low intensity bomb near the blast site. They immediately responded and defused the bomb. The entire locality was cordoned off to avoid any further untoward incident.In another similar incident, terrorists threw a cracker in the riverbed located in Kharader area within the remits of Baghdadi police station. Police said some miscreants threw the cracker as after the central procession of the 10th Muharram ended at Imambarghah Hussainian Iranian, Kharader.On the other side, the mysterious blast in a building located at Phase 6, Khayban-e-Bukhari which created panic among the residents.Police said that criminals were trying to purify some new kind of drug known as “Crystal” and during the processing of chemicals, a blast occurred in the house which was rented a month ago. The witnesses said that a wounded man and a woman managed to escape after the blast. Police registered an FIR against the accused.