The CSS Exams of 2012 was conducted in the month of February and after a very long wait of almost eight months, the results of the written exams were finally announced in the second week of October. The result has proved to be a nightmare for those who took Sindhi as Regional Language in optional Subject. As everyone knows that all Regional Languages including Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashtu and Balochi are scoring subjects, also they are easy to prepare for local native candidates. But this year the FPSC targeted Sindhi subject and the majority of candidates were unable to cross 40 marks out of 100, although they prepared for the Sindhi Paper. At the same time candidates who took Punjabi as a regional language got almost 90 plus marks out of 100, and those who took Pashto and Balochi got 70 plus marks out of 100 in their regional languages papers.

In Sindhi paper, the candidate’s attempted total 5 questions, 20 marks each, one compulsory question of 20 MCQs and 4 subjective questions. However, many candidates who are sure that they gave the right answers to the 20 MCQs, as well as performed well in the remaining 4 subjective questions hardly got 20 total marks as a result, they were shocked and wanted to know how this was possible.

It seems that either the examiner did not check the papers properly or was asked to mark the papers harshly, thus giving such low numbers. This could be a case of discrimination against Sindhi students. I request the concerned authorities to look into the matter as this can affect a person’s future. This is a very serious issue and should be dealt as such as soon as possible.


Karachi, November 25.