It is not for nothing that Azad Kashmir President Chaudhry Muhammad Yaqoob has accused India of being responsible for recent terrorist activities in Pakistan. He alleged that New Delhi is hand in glove with foreign forces sponsoring terrorist outfits in Fata region and Balochistan. He warned Pakistani authorities to keep a strict and close vigil in order to thwart all such attempts. It may be mentioned that Interior Minister Rehman Malik had revealed during the in-camera proceedings of two joint sitting of the parliament that he had documentary evidence of New Delhi’s involvement not only in Fata and Balochistan but also in Karachi. One is entitled to ask why Pakistan has not been raising this issue at relevant international forums? Islamabad must take up this matter with Indian government through diplomatic channels whether it means in the form of dossiers or in shape of lodging official protest. New Delhi does not spare any opportunity to accuse Pakistan of anything that goes wrong in India or the occupied Valley where it is facing an ongoing liberation struggle by the Kashmiri freedom fighters. Our silence, is therefore objectionable. All actions taken by the occupying Indian forces in held-Kashmir are the worst form of state terrorism. The world community watching the situation from the sidelines must stand up now.