KARACHI – The chief of Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan, Munawar Hassan said that they would give the nation a surprise in the coming election, as the stereotype selfish politicians have given masses nothing but terrorism, extortion and lawlessness.Addressing a meeting at Idara Noor-e-Haq on Monday, he said only honest and committed people could change the fate of Pakistan. He said a change had become inevitable to change the present circumstances. He said that the JI had the potential to change the fate of nation and country and in this all options of political alliance had been kept open. He said, however, final decision in this regard would be made after the announcement of polls. He said the people must have changed their pattern of voting if they want to see a better and changed Pakistan. He said if the people vote for terrorists and extortionists they would continue to get terrorism and chits for extortion money. Hassan said this time the JI would enter the arena of elections with proper homework. He said the wrong policies of the regime have sent the whole country to a chaos and uncertainty. He said the ruler by taking part in the ‘terror war’ have put the sovereignty and survival of the nation at the stake. He said that due to imprudent decision the country has been echoing with bomb blasts. He said poverty, price hike, joblessness and lawlessness are at their zeniths. He said the ruling Pakistan Peoples’ Party did not fulfill its promise of ‘bread, clothing and shelter’.The JI chief categorically said that there could be no peace in the country till Zardari regime was there. He said neither one could expect end to poverty from these rulers. He said the people who have given vote generously to these rulers are now cursing them day and night. He said till the masses, themselves, change the voting culture and pattern neither any change is possible in Pakistan nor in Karachi. Munawar said if the people of Karachi continue to give vote to criminals and extortionists they would witness the same result. He said for a sustainable change people must have to elect the right people. He said the JI could provide the nation an honest leadership. He said Karachi has seen JI mayors twice and they set new benchmarks of service and honesty. He said no body has dared challenging their honesty and integrity. He said massive irregularities in voter lists show that the arrangements of pre-poll rigging had already been made. He said they have already knocked the door of court in this regard. He said if the faulty voter lists were not corrected the whole exercise of polling would be meaningless.He said Maulana Fazlur Rehman has said that they have revived the Muttahida Majlise-e-Amal (MMA) sans Jammat-e-Islami and if the JI wants to join the MMA it should sent an application and they may consider it. He said, however, the JI has decided that it would not bother Maulana Fazlur Rehman to go for any consideration in this regard. Expressing serious concern on the targeted killings in Karachi, he said till now more than 10,000 people had been killed in Karachi in targeted manner. He said those who won last five to six elections in Karachi gave the City just terrorism, hooliganism and corruption. He said Rehman Malik said some third power was involved in deteriorating peace in Karachi but the whole nation knows that the terrorists behind Karachi lawlessness were the allies of the sitting government.JI Karachi general secretary Naseem Siddiqui and JI Karachi chief Hussain Mehanti also spoke in the meeting.