NANKANA SAHIB -Takam Daas, a Yatree from Khairpur, Sindh, died while talking a bath (Ashnan) in the water compound of Gurdwara Janamasthan during the birthday celebrations of Baba Guru Nanak Dev Gee.

He was taking Ashnan in the big compound. Suddenly, he went into the deeper portion of the compound and died. The Rescue 1122 teams reached the spot. Earlier, they made strenuous efforts but could not find the body due to high level of water. Later, special swimmers from the Rescue 1122 and civil defense came from Lahore and found his body.

As per sources, he was mentally retarded. The deceased's final rituals were performed in the Gurdwara. The Evacuee Trust Property Board chairman has announced Rs300,000 compensation for the deceased's family.