KARACHI - PPP Central Deputy Secretary Information and Sindh Information Minister, Sharjeel Memon said that Supreme Court’s hearing regarding Karachi law and order case was praiseworthy but the apex court should also take suo moto notice in Punjab where graph of lawlessness was touching the last limits.He made these remarks in a statement issued here on Monday. He said that measures taken for maintaining law and order in Sindh especially in Karachi had brought positive results and police, rangers personnel and other law enforcement agencies were busy in protection of people in letter and spirit.Memon said that present democratic government of PPP had taken all steps for the welfare of people while on the contrary, in Punjab it seemed as if there was a Mughal dynasty and only one source of power was ruling, who was Shahbaz Sharif.He said that due to bad governance in Punjab, the crime rate was continuously increasing.Even inefficiency of the Punjab government had caused deaths of dozens of innocent people due to sale of substandard medicine, he added. Memon said that it was happening because the ‘Prince’ had concentrated all power in his hands and judiciary’s silence over the crimes of Punjab government raised concern and people had the right to ask why no suo moto action was ever taken in this regard.“In next elections, the Prince of Raiwind will be defeated and the PPP will emerge victorious and will compensate all the injustices, committed by the so-called Khadim-e-Aala,” he claimed.