Security breaches occur when men who have pledged an oath of allegiance to another country, are allowed access to sensitive installations, just because they had served either in military or civil service of Pakistan. These are men, who in spite of taking an oath of loyalty to another country, continue to enjoy perks, such as eligibility for allotment of plots, entitlement to stay at military messes and state guest houses, although they have sworn an oath to do non-combatant services, when asked upon to do so by their new adopted country. In countries such as US, security clearance for access to sensitive jobs, or entry into high security zones is only open to those who are American citizens. No American citizen, who is even a citizen by birth, is allowed to pledge an oath of loyalty to another country and still enjoy privileges of their US nationality. It is the most recent oath of allegiance that overrides any other oath of loyalty or citizenship that an individual might have taken previously. Countries like Pakistan are ravaged by insecurity, lawlessness and corruption, because the fate of this country and policies are decided by individuals who neither have any stakes in this country, nor own assets here. For few of these men, Pakistan seems to be a convenient financial transit stopover, where quick buck can be made illegitimately, without any taxation or fear of accountability. Loyalty to Pakistan must override all other considerations and perks or privileges of former services in civil or uniformed services must terminate, the moment an individual takes an oath of citizenship of another country.


USA, November 24.