MARDAN – Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Chief, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif will visit Mardan district on December 3 and will address a public gathering.

Ex-MNA Khwaja Hoti, along with other prominent leaders and workers of different parties, will formally join PML-N. Besides, Mian Nawaz Sharif will also speak at a news conference at resident of district general secretary Nawabzada Arsalla Khan. Apart from, Khwaja Hoti, some other personalities of the city and well-known industrialists will also announce to join PML- N. 

It will give a boost to political activities in Mardan as several political parties’ heads have started visiting to the district to join heavy weights and other party workers in their parties, ruling allies parties ANP and PPP are facing problems on different constituencies.

Sources within ANP and PPP said that differences have been erupted between both the ruling parties, ANP and PPP, and district leaders of both the parties have started issuing statements against each other. Sources said that ANP faced a lot of problems in different provincial constituencies of the district. In provincial constituency of PK-24 differences is created among the party office-bearers and workers some of the party office-bearers want to give tickets of PK 24 to Ali Khan, son of former federal minister Haji Yaqoob Khan, who recently joined the party instead of current member provincial assembly (MPA) Haji Ahmed Khan Bahudur while some of the office-bearers want to give ticket to the current MPA Haji Ahmed Khan.

The party workers and office-bearers who are supporting Ahmed Bahudur said that he is the only elected member of the party who remained in contact with party workers during his power in his provincial constituency. Sources added that Haji Ahmed Khan Bahudur also want to bring his son Asad Khan to fore for the National Assembly constituency NA-9 on PPP ticket and for this aim he has started struggling to gain the ticket of PPP.

Sources said that on PK-25 differences have also erupted among the ANP office-bearers and workers. In 2008 elections, Ghani Dad Khan won this seat on ANP ticket. Sources said that majority of the party office-bearers and workers wish that party leaders should give ticket of PK-25 to the MNA Haji Himayatullah Mayar who win NA-9 seat in the by election which become empty after the resign of former federal minister Khwaja Mohammad Khan Hoti, in the upcoming election instead of Ghani Dad Khan because he lost his contacts with the party workers and also failed to solve their problems and instead of strengthening the party in the provincial constituency he strengthen his group. Sources further said that several other parties of the district including JUI-F, PPP, PML-N and others have started contacts to these MPAs to join them in their party and gain benefits from these differences between ANP. Sources said that Chief Minister Ameer Haider Khan Hoti will contest election from PK 23, 28 and national assembly constituency NA-9 and opponent parties of ANP are struggling to stand strong candidates on these seats and give tough time to Haider Hoti.

Observers said that people of Mardan did not give vote on developmental works because in past late Fazl-e-Haq also did a lot of works in Mardan but people of Mardan did not give him vote. Observers added that people of Mardan give vote on contacts with masses and by attending their funeral prayers and fatiha while Chief Minister Ameer Haider Khan Hoti and his father did not remained with contacts with masses even they loss their contacts with the party workers and in the last four and half years due to this reason majority of the sincere party workers are unhappy from the Chief Minister and his father Mohammad Azam Hoti.

Observers said that there is very less vote of ANP in PK 23 and in the 2008 election due to the close contacts of Haider Hoti with the masses he won that seat but now he lost that contact. They said that there is strong vote bank of PPP in PK 23 and NA-9 seats and if PPP give ticket to strong candidate in the upcoming election it will be difficult for ANP to win this seat because in past ANP several time lost this seat by PPP while on PK 28 JUI-F current member provincial assembly twice won this seat and he has also strong hold on this provincial constituency. Sources added that JUI-F, PTI, PML-N and other parties has also started there election preparation in the district.