RAWALPINDI - Rawalpindi Police have arrested seven lawbreakers including a one-wheeler from different localities of the district. Police recovered 1130 grams charras, 10 bottles of liquor, one pistol 30 bore with three rounds and one repeater 12 bore from the possession of the accused. Gujar Khan police sent behind the bars an accused namely Sher and recovered 1020 grams charras. Airport police held Maqsood on recovery of 110 grams charras.

Civil Line police apprehended Haroon with five bottles of liquor while a youngster was arrested as he was found indulged in rash and negligent driving and one-wheeling.

Bunni police sent behind the bars Waheed on recovery of five bottles of liquor. Kahota police recovered one pistol 30 bore with three rounds from Imran. Murree police also held an accused identified as Ghalib on recovery of 12 bore repeater.