LAHORE - Despite repeated claims of the transport authorities for passing the benefit of reduction in CNG prices to the public, the commuter are paying old charges at inter and intra-city routs and there is not even a single penny decrease in transport fare.

Instead, the van owners in Lahore have increased the stop-to-stop fares at some routes, thanks to the Lahore Transport Company which monitors the urban transport system of the City.

The price of the CNG had been slashed by Rs30 per kg on the intervention of the Supreme Court a month ago. Following the big cut, the Punjab government had announced a decrease in fares on inter and intra-city routes. The transport authorities had announced overall 30 per cent cut in fares on inter-city and 25 per cent on urban routes.

However, the commuters have been paying the same fare as it was before the decrease in gas prices.

“New fare announcement was nothing but a miscalculation and it gave no relief to millions of commuters across the Punjab and especially in Lahore,” said a commuter Salim who travels daily from Thoker Niaz Beg to Jail Road. Rickshaw owners are also charging the old fares, he complained.

The government had announced Rs13 and Rs18 will be minimum fare but Rs15 and Rs20 are being charged at non-air-conditioned and air-conditioned buses, respectively.