PESHAWAR – The Shiite community of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa observed its religious rituals on the 10th Muharram-ul-Haram with traditional respect in a peaceful manner.

Processions and congregations were organised in various cities of the province, wherein the participants paid rich tributes to Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) for his sacrifice for the highness of Islam. The security forces made tight security arrangements to ensure peace in the rituals. In Mardan, the mourning processions were taken out from Imambargah Bigut Gunj Bazaar.

Strict security measures had been taken to ensure peaceful observance of the Yaum-e-Ashura. More than 1,000 policemen were deployed in sensitive areas including Bank Roads, Kacahri Chowk, Samshi Road and Bacha Khan Chowk these roads were also blocked for all kind of traffic.   

Police officials parked tractors, trucks and other heavy vehicles on these roads and blocked them for all kinds of traffic. There is very less numbers of Shia community in Mardan district but due to the security threats local administration made strict security measurements.

Early before taking out the procession Commissioner Mohammad Adil Khan, Deputy Inspector General of police Mardan range Abdullah Khan, District Police Officer Danishwar Khan, District Coordination Officer Zakkaullah Khattak and other high-ups of the district visited different bazaars of the city and examined the security arrangements.

Meanwhile, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Inspector General of Police Akbar Khan Hoti has thanked every segment of the society for their help and coordination that led to mainly peaceful observance of Muharram in the province.

In a statement issued from central police office Peshawar, provincial police chief highly commended round the clock support and services of all concerned departments, Amn Committees and print and electronic media who all worked in complete coordination and harmony due to which Aushura Muharram was observed peacefully. He particularly lauded the police force duly supported by Armed Force and Civil Armed Forces.

The IGP recalled in the message that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police has always proved its worth by displaying valuor and courage in a professional manner and particularly it was practically demonstrated during Muharram across the province.

He also acknowledged the role of Ulema of both sects who maintained sanctity of Muharram and feelings of Muslim brotherhood by preaching unity, mutual tolerance and coherence and their practical help and cooperation extended to the police force and local administration.

It merits mention that the IG Akbar Khan Hoti personally visited several time various part of Cantt: and city where he inspected security arrangements on Imam bargahs and mourning processions and issued necessary instructions to the cops.

G Mursalin Marwat from Lakki Marwat adds: Amid tight security the 10th of Muharram was observed. A procession appeared from Mohallah Sayyedan and took its traditional oute to reach the destination at Bukhari Shah graveyard. A prominent Shia leader Syed Zahoor Abbas Shah Afgar Bukhari led the procession.

Local administration had made foolproof security arrangements on the occasion. Roads and thoroughfares leading to procession’s route were sealed. Police cops along with those in civvies guarded the route from Mohallah Sayyedan to Bukhari Shah graveyard.

Taking motorbikes into the parts of Mohallah Sayyedan, Mohallah Bomozai, Mohallah Sherkhankhel and Mohallah Muslimabad was completely banned.  A ban was also imposed on pillion riding in the entire urban locality.

DCO Nisar Ahmad and DPO Muhammad Idrees visited the route and monitored security situation and availability of other relevant facilities for the mourners.

Officials and employees of tehsil municipal administration and doctors along with paramedics and ambulance vehicles were also present on the occasion.

The mourners accompanied by chanters of dirge thumped their chests and beat their backs with sharped edged iron made chains. Women and children also participated in the procession. Personnel of bomb disposal squad had cleared the route before the mourners’ procession walked on it.

On the occasion, Shia leader Syed Zahoor Abbas Shah highlighted the sacrifices of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) and his companions for the cause of Islam.

He told that the tragedy of Karbla gave us a lesson of tolerance, patience forbearance and not to bow before evil forces, saying that we can overcome the menace of sectarianism and promote religious harmony by implementing these virtues in our practical life.

He underlined the need for unity among Muslims and said that all of us should pledge to maintain peace and harmony in our motherland.