Where do I play in Karachi? They say that parks and playgrounds filled with people indicate a healthy society but Karachi which is a massively populated city would not present a healthy picture. The number of playgrounds and parks are far too less for a city incorporating about 20 million people. The few parks that exist in Karachi are in drastic need of upkeep as they have badly deteriorated. Almost all the good and well maintained parks are located in posh areas such as Defence, Clifton and PECHS where every house has a garden and the children rarely have to go to the parks.

Leave the lower class areas, even the middle class areas are deprived of parks where they can hang out with friends and family, after a tiring day or to let off some steam. This is the reason that kids these days have turned roads, streets and parking lots into their playgrounds; they have to settle for something. What most of us don’t realize is how bad this situation is for the youth. We demand attention of not only authorities but every member of the society to help provide parks and grounds for children to play. By not providing them these facilities we are depriving our future generations a healthy childhood, and this has countless implications and consequences. Many sociologists have stressed on this point immensely. I sincerely hope that we get to realize the significance of this issue and take steps to rectify it.


Karachi, November 16.