LAHORE  - Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that the government is implementing several power projects expeditiously for meeting energy requirements of the country and special incentives are being offered to local and foreign investors for setting up new projects.

He said that the PML-N government is determined to rid the people of energy crisis and sincere efforts are being made not to end shortage of electricity but gas also. He invited the Canadian investors to take up energy projects in Punjab where the government presents huge incentives and a conducive atmosphere for investment

The CM said this while talking to the President of Pakistan-Canada Business Council Samir Dossal who met him at Chief Minister’s Office, here on Tuesday. Provincial Minister for Industry Muhammad Shafique, and other senior officers were also present.

During the meeting, matters regarding promotion of trade and economic activities between Pakistan and Canada especially promotion of investment in energy sector came under discussion. Both agreed to further cement trade ties.

On the occasion, the Chief Minister highlighted the challenges Pakistan was facing on the energy sector and the government efforts to overcome the same. He also shed light on the impact cast on the industry, agriculture, trade and public life due to energy dearth. He said that former rulers ignored the energy to a criminal negligence and pursued wrong policies as a result of which the country was in a severe energy crisis. But the PML-N government is taking measures on war footing to overcome this problem. He said a number of agreements have been signed with Chinese, German and Canadian companies for collaboration in this sector as a result of which investment of billions of dollars was made in the power sectors only in Punjab.

He said Punjab government was also taking expeditious steps for completing power projects while giving full cooperation to the local and foreign companies investing in this sector. He said that Nandipur Power Project which was delayed due to greed and lust for money of the former rulers has been revived. He said that this project would be executed speedily and would start production from the beginning of next year. The CM also underscored the need for promoting trade relations between Pakistan and Canada as well as exchange of trade delegations between the two countries.

Speaking on the occasion, Samir Dossal said that there are a number of opportunities of cooperation between Pakistan and Canada in energy and other sectors and Pakistan-Canada Business Council would play a positive role in this regard. He said that effective measures will be taken for motivating Canadian investors for investment in Pakistan especially in Punjab. Samir Dossal also invited Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to visit Canada.