KARACHI  - Residents of Lyari staged a demonstration against banned People’s Aman Committee and MPAs Sania Naz and Javaid Nagori on Tuesday.

A large number of people, including women and children, assembled at Dubai Chowk and demanded the PPP government to disown the two provincial assembly members elected from Lyari, and arrest banned PAC chief Uzair Jan Baloch.  They said the law-enforcement agencies were doing their job well, but Baloch and the two PPP MPAs were responsible for the bloodshed in Lyari.

The venue for Tuesday’s protest was Dubai Chowk, a stronghold of godfather Noor Mohammad aka Baba Ladla and Ghaffar Zikri.  An officer from Baghdadi police station, who wished anonymity, said these people [the protesters] were forcibly brought out for the protest by Ladla and Zikri. 

No unwanted incident took place during the protest, as an extra contingent of law-enforcers, including Rangers and police officials, were present in the area.  It was the first protest called by Baba Ladla against Uzair Baloch who had organized several protests against Ladla in PAC-dominated areas in the past.