LAHORE - Punjab Inspector General of Police (IGP) has taken up all the murder cases reported since January this year to personally monitor the process of prosecution to bring the criminals to justice.

Police sources revealed that the provincial police chief, Khan Baig, has directed the Investigation Officers (IOs) specifically those probing into the blind murder cases to submit the progress reports to the central police office (CPO) regularly.

According to police record, at least 269 murder cases are yet to be solved as the investigators failed to trace the criminals involved in the killings, reported from January to September 2013 in the province.

The provincial police reported a total of 4,754 murder cases out of which 167 were cancelled after proper investigations. Similarly, the police investigators submitted in the courts the challans of 3138 cases. As many as 1,180 murder cases are still under investigation all over the province.

“The IOs (investigation officers) are asked to put forward the reports to the central police office, indicating arrest of the accused persons, if anyone, evidences collected against the criminals including forensic facts and other data in every murder case,” said a senior police officer who is familiar with the development.

Police sources said that during a high-level meeting IGP Khan Baig took serious notice over poor investigations into the murder cases particularly the blind murder case when he came to know that the investigators at police station level are unable to trace as many as 269 cases this year alone. “Either the investigators failed to identify the deceased persons or they could not unearth the culprits involved in such complicated cases,” an official said, requesting his name not to be revealed.

It was also learnt that the police chief had started listening to the complainants in the murder cases individually and personally. “The investigators are asked to appear before the police chief in person to explain the process of prosecution and progress made so far to solve these cases,” the official added.

The source also said that during the open courts, being held at the central police office these days, the complainants in murder cases are separated from the other justice-seekers.

“They are asked to individually appear before the IGP. The police chief after listening to the complaint orders the concerned IOs to appear before him with all the relevant record,” he explained.

The IGP snubbed a deputy superintendent of the CIA police when he replied to the police chief that he could not collect the mobile phone data of an accused person in a blind murder case despite the lapse of two months.

The provincial police chief also came hard on the officer when he admitted that the alleged killer used hired assassins to close the chapter of his opponent during his stay abroad. The DSP told the IGP that the bail granted to the accused person had been cancelled and the police are close to resolve the blind murder mystery.