LAHORE : Expected rains in Punjab from January to March will leave positive impact on Rabi crops, especially on wheat and gram. Meteorological department has predicted enough rains in Punjab from January to March. He advised the growers to adopt strategy keeping in view the Met department forecast to boost yield of their crops. Growers of Potato, Mango, citrus fruits, Guava, Paddy and other crops should take proper measures to keep their crops safe from frost and low temperatures effects, cautioned experts. Meanwhile, the suitable time for sowing unseasonal vegetables in low tunnel starts from the beginning of December and lasts till the mid of December.

A spokesman for the department said on Tuesday that cucumber, bitter gourd, tomato, white gourd and other vegetables could be grown in tunnel.

Vegetables sown in tunnel stay safe from frost and harsh effects of cold weather because the temperature inside the tunnel remains moderate, he added.