Whenever institutions like FIA are accused, by foreign governments, of being involved in human smuggling, then state should crack down on those involved, and dole out harsh punishments. The undeterred operation, involving travelling on fake passports from Islamabad, could only have happened with collusion of top officials within FIA and other intelligence agencies. This greed has weekend the security of our state and must be looked into and stopped.

Scores of reports, where women involved in prostitution, members of terrorist network, criminals from South Africa, known drug smugglers, foreign mercenaries and security contractors such as controversial Blackwater managed to get their people into Pakistan. They live in Islamabad without any documentation, in spite of expensive paraphernalia installed, at immense cost to the state, given heightened terrorist threats we have been facing for decades. Yet menace continues and criminals involved manage to get away, because of internal greed and no checks.

Billions of dollars are involved in this trade, which has brought disrepute to our country and has contributed to rise in crime, yet all those involved in conspiracy against the state manage to get away and are protected by the state. There is no rocket science involved, the lifestyle and assets acquired by those involved are proof enough, if there was a will, to eradicate this cancer.


Lahore, November 24.