Pakistan’s State Owned Enterprises (SOE) have been slowly but surely deteriorating over years, because of wrong choice of CEO, and our refusal to hire qualified professionals to head these institutions; people with moral integrity and who specialize in relevant field, instead of jacks of all trades. Every government talks about promoting education, or keeping abreast with latest technological and adopting corporate system, but ends up appointing semi literate cronies to head SOE.

For instance regulating power distribution and its economical production is a specialized field. Improvements can only be achieved if latest technological advances are incorporated to check theft, with credible efficient distribution system, capable of absorbing any increase in capacity, after adopting cost effective mode of production, viz a viz source of energy namely hydel, thermal etc. Unfortunately, when our government is facing an acute energy crisis, it comes up with a decision to appoint a retired uniformed officer, whose sole qualifications are Bachelor of Engineering and Masters in Defense Strategy. Apart from his tenure of heading a distribution network in Karachi, with highest line losses and illegitimate connections.


Karachi, November 24.