It is over two decades now that Kalabagh Dam has suffered setbacks due to political interference especially by two provinces. The political leaders of Sindh and KPK made its construction a matter of life and death, without knowing its usefulness. There is definitely a very strong lobby of our enemies, which does not allow this dam to be constructed. Once again the issue was revived at Larkana by Imran Khan and PML-Q in Bahawalpur rally and both the leaders indirectly highlighted at its importance.

We have many engineers and technocrats who have openly said that the survival of the country lies in the construction of Kalabagh Dam, as India has diverted the waters by constructing large number of dams. I request all leaders who are opposing its construction not to make it a political matter or a point of prestige as it is purely a technical matter. Let there be national debate by qualified engineers and about Kalabagh Dam to be constructed or not. I recall it happened before and technocrats of all provinces decided that construction of Kalabagh was very beneficial. As regards the distribution of water and other safe guards for KPK and Sindh, these can be resolved by signing an Instrument of Water Distribution by the representatives of all the four provinces and counter signed by the central government. I earnestly hope that sanity will prevail.


Lahore, November 23.