Islamabad - The Federal Directorate of Education has decentralised the process of acquiring rental allowance to facilitate the employees.

Thousands of employees of Directorate and 422 affiliated schools and colleges hire private homes as government buildings cannot accommodate all the employees.

But the tiresome process of hiring of private residential facilities made them wait for long as the Estate Management Wing of the Directorate was overburdened with hiring cases.

But now due to decentralisation all the heads of colleges/area education officials (AEOs) for junior schools will be allowed to process the cases of allocation of rental allowance.

In order to streamline the work of hiring of residential buildings and to facilitate the employees working in far-flung areas of FDE, the Director General has delegated the full powers to AEOs, and Heads of the Institutions to accord the expenditure sanction on account of rent of residential building and renewal of lease agreement subject to the prescribed conditions.

However, Estate Management Wing of FDE will process the new cases for rent assessment and get the approval of Director General for the lease agreement for the period of three years.

The budget section shall allocate/re-appropriate the funds to educational institutions as per their demands / availability of funds for the payment on account of rent of residential building.