ISLAMABAD - The Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) is gearing up to host the marquee India versus Pakistan series ‘purely on goodwill’ and ‘not for any other benefits’, said its Interim Committee’s secretary Prakash Schaffter.

“The Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has decided to play the hosts for the Pakistan-India series as any good and cooperative neighbor would do. If we are hosting this series, it is an act of goodwill gesture towards our neighbours and not for any kind of financial benefits from this series,” Schaffter said.

Asked if there could be any financial benefits since the marquee series has a lot of economic viability, Schaffter replied, “This is Pakistan-India series, even if you are talking about any revenue benefits, it would not be anything substantial for us. We are just facilitators. “As I have said that the idea of hosting the series has got nothing to do with financial benefits. There are a lot of other avenues through which we can garner revenue and we certainly don’t need this series for that.”

Schaffter made it clear that venues and other details can only be discussed once the announcement of the series is made officially. “As far as I am given to understand, we have not received anything in writing from the Pakistan Cricket Board. I suppose it will only happen after the series is officially announced. Once that is done, it will be appropriate on our behalf to speak about the other relevant details concerning the series,” the Interim Committee’s secretary said.

Asked about the weather conditions during the last part of December, Schaffter said, “Well it’s expected that monsoon showers would not be heavy at that time. But when it comes to weather predictions, your guess is as good as mine.”