New Delhi: Indian group hacks into Pakistan websites, post patriotic messages as ‘payback’ for 26/11.

The group, identified as Team Indian Black Hats, hacked into Pakistani websites, including a high profile Pakistan government website, according to a report by The Hindu.

They then marked their success by posting photographs of the Indian tricolour or of the 26/11 martyrs along with a patriotic song as background music on the compromised websites, says India Today.

Meanwhile, IBTimes India reports that another group of hackers, called Kerala Cyber Warriors (KCW), also hacked into Pakistani servers.

"It is cyber pay back for 26/11 Mumbai attack against Pakistan. It just took a day for us to hack all these 125 sites with the background song Oru Yathramozhiyode from Mohanlal's Kurukshetra movie. We have access to many Pakistan servers, so the defacing was easy," one of the hackers from the KCW were quoted as saying by IBTimes India.

The incidents of hacking were on the rise this week and it was attributed to the seventh anniversary of the multiple strikes in Mumbai back in 2008.

Kislay Chaudhary, cyber security analyst and CEO of Indian Cyber Army told India Today, "There has been a sudden increase in the number of attacks this week, and the reason clearly is 26/11. Hackers from both the countries launch attacks on days of historic importance. Indian hackers keep tracking Pakistani websites and find their vulnerability. They wait for a particular day to deface it and post their message."