Laadli is a play was based on the theme of plight of dwellers of 'KachiAbadis' who live in a state of uncertainty for their whole lives. The cloud of uncertainty hovered over the lead characters of the play, Fatima aka Ladli, her mother, and her father who had to strive hard to make ends meet. Her father looked in every nook and cranny to earn few pennies but failed due to the typical response from society. A creation of the Rafi Peer Theatre group, this play went on to portray issues that remain hidden in our society. 

In a few acts, the play beautifully depicted the plight and indeterminate situation of the residents of the Kachi Abadis who fear that everyone in society including the police, bureaucrats, politicians, might end up snatching their temporary homes. The tragic comedy demonstrates the selfish approach of a society which secures only its own interests.

The Ladli in the play was lively and energetic character but met with a tragic fate as her father was unable to feed her to carry on, so he killed Ladli and went to jail where the court sentenced him to gallows.


The play highlighted some of the very pressing issues plaguing society. With the promotion of such plays, these issues can be brought to the limelight.