When you hear about Peshawar, Pakistan, you probably think of violence, oppression, guns and bombs. Sadly, this is the image that many areas of Pakistan have been associated with. What goes unrecognized is the culture, the art and the activities that go on within these areas. The ArtTech Festival was a two-day festival in Peshawar, Pakistan exploring the intersection between art, culture and technology. Lately, several initiatives have been taken to ensure and encourage the promotion of technology, with the government taking steps to promote technological startups and businesses. The ArtTech Festival focused on the amalgamation of art, culture and technology to allow entrepreneurship to flourish.

Organized by the World Bank and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa IT Board and Peshawar 2.0, this two day festival is a ‘sister’ festival to the Digital Youth Summit-Pakistan’s largest tech conference. The highlights of the event this year included speakers from all over the world, interactive workshops on topics such as design thinking, augmented reality using technology and smart e-conservation, the chance for young entrepreneurs to display their work and a chance for foreigners to enjoy local food.


This year, the event took place from the 21st of November till the 22nd of November and allowed for a number of activities to be conducted under its umbrella.

Such events are much needed in order for the image of the country to improve in the eyes of the world. These events promote a peaceful image of the country, contrary to the belief that the country's youth only indulges in violence.