KARACHI -  Trade Development Authority of Pakistan’s sub regional office (Sukkur) organised a seminar “Export potential of Fisheries from Sukkur region” in collaboration with State Bank of Pakistan- Sukkur the other day at SBP-BSC Sukkur office. The main purpose of seminar was to highlight the export potential of fisheries sector of Sukkur region so as to enhance the exports from this region. Sukkur region is the main hub for supply of fresh water fish for domestic consumption in Pakistan. The seminar was attended by the fish traders of Sukkur, Agriculture Extension department Sukkur, Livestock & Fisheries department Sukkur, Sukkur Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Larkana Chamber & other stakeholders.

Mir Mohsin Bullo- Assistant Manager TDAP Sukkur delivered a presentation in the seminar & provided detailed information to participants of seminar about export potential of freshwater fish of Sukkur region.

He further said that Sukkur region has the potential of being a major producer of freshwater fish in Sindh and also boasts some of the finest varieties of freshwater fish in Pakistan but it has a very small share in country’s export. Pakistan’s fisheries major buyers are China, Thailand, Vietnam, Middle East, Republic of Korea, Sri Lanka, Japan, etc and the major competitors are Bangladesh and India. The competition will increase even further as Iran is gearing up to start its fish export and according to a report, it has already captured part of Pakistani fish market.

Pakistan can only achieve the greater share of international markets if it can follow international quality standards and that can only happen if Pakistan has better technology to process the catch according to the global standards. In addition, the government is taking other steps to improve fisheries sector, which include strengthening of extension services, introduction of new fishing methodologies, increased production through aquaculture, development of value added products, enhancement of per capita consumption of fish and upgradation of socio-economic conditions of the fishermen’s community.

Rasool Bux, Deputy Director, Agriculture extension department, discussed the role of fisheries in agriculture sector & provided the knowledge about integrated system in fish farming.


Qurban Ali Mirani, president Fish Market Sukkur & Maqbool Ahmed Siyal, Secretary Fish market Sukkur, suggested to send a delegation to Afghanistan to capture that market as that market has the potential & Pakistan can easily meet their requirements by providing them qualitative fish of Pakistan & also requested TDAP to take necessary action to enter in Afghanistan market with the help of Pakistan embassy/mission at Afghanistan. He also focused on legal trading with Afghanistan by signing legal document. He also requested SBP guidance and help regarding admissibility of various modes in the letter of credit.

Manzoor Ahmed Soomro, Assistant Director, Livestock & Fisheries department Sukkur, in his address focused upon the production & species of freshwater fish available in Sukkur region. Many stakeholders wished to have a direct access to international markets by providing them knowledge of export procedure & customs rules & regulations involved in export.

During the seminar, major focus remained on fish farming, hatching, conducting of awareness/training programs so as to create awareness among fish traders, customs’ role in the export procedure, exploring of new markets for fish export, specifying/allocating an area for the storage & packing facilities of fish sector, sending of a trade delegation of fish sector to Afghanistan.

TDAP assured participants of seminar of its full cooperation to enhance the exports of freshwater fish from this region. Chief guest Imtiaz Ahmed, Chief Manager SBP-BSC Sukkur, said that his office is always ready to facilitate fisheries representatives in resolving of their genuine issues relating to commercial banks and they may approach the SBP Sukkur for any assistance in this regard.