KARACHI - Karachi University Faculty of Social Sciences Dean Prof Dr Moonis Ahmar has said that we still have a feudal mindset which is an obstacle to development.

Development is not about making motorways and orange line but it’s all about providing education, basic healthcare and basic facilities of life to the citizens. Pakistan is facing serious challenges of terrorism, extremism, poverty etc and needs dire efforts to eradicate these social issues.

He stated that while presiding over the inaugural ceremony of international conference on “The Challenges of Social and Human Development” organised by Faculty of Social Sciences in collaboration with Higher Education Commission at Arts Auditorium.

“Our society is not aware of the contemporary trends which is due to lack of political will and determination which has made the future of 200 million Pakistanis at stake. Dr Mahboobul Haq has done pioneering work in the field of social and human development and this conference is organized to propose solutions and road mark leading to social and human development. Our young generation has this responsibility to deliver and play their viral role for nation’s prosperity,” Prof Moonis added.

Conference Coordinator Dr Anila Amber Malik welcomed the guests and scholars from abroad and Pakistan adding that the purpose of holding this conference was to engage experts of the field of social sciences in order to achieve the goal of social and human development and discussing the role of social scientists in curbing the societal issues.

NUST Islamabad School of Social Sciences and Humanities Dean Dr Ashfaque Hasan in his keynote address said that the process of human development is the strong foundation of a continuous process of economic development of a country for a longer period of time.

“Human capital is the backbone of human and economic development. Only socially and culturally strong nations, rich in human capital, family values, respect and trust can ever become prosperous. Pakistan’s growth rate was 7.4 percent in 2005 which declined drastically to 3.4 percent in 2015,” Dr Hasan added.

Dr Boris Wilke of Bielefeld University Germany in his paper said that the nexus of violence and development is seen more and more as fundamental. Violence had always remained as undesirable in any social order. Today violence is not just seen as a problem of political crisis or among specific societal group but it’s now embedded in social life of many.

Prof Dr Hasan Askari Rizwi, renowned academician said that social scientists can play an important role in creating awareness in the society about the basic necessities for a stable life for an individual and the society. They can use media and mobilize people to apply pressure on the government to give priority attention to these matters majorly education, health care, employment and basic civic facilities. 823 infants died in Thar during last three years due to drought.

Former federal minister Javed Jabbar said that democracy in Pakistan is not in its true essence. Every citizen must use his right of vote for his own empowerment. Election Commission of Pakistan must supervise the intra party elections of the political parties of Pakistan. Government must raise the education and health budget which has become dire need.

Prof Dr Jamil Hasan Kazmi and Dr Salman Zubair from department of Geography KU revealed that Karachi stands fourth in highest road crashes fatality conceiving cities of the world. Global outbreak of road crashes mortalities and morbidities have become a serious health issue. It costs more than 1.3 million lives and 20-50 million disabled or injured every year globally.

Prof Dr Summer Sultana from Department of Political Science said that access to information is one of the keys to democracy. Allowing people to seek and receive public documents serve as a critical tool for fighting corruption, enabling citizens to more fully participate in public life, making government more efficient, encouraging investment, and helping persons exercise their fundamental human rights.