The government is working on a plan to construct new dams in the country to enhance water storage capacity besides power generation.

According to a report quoting sources in the Water and Power Ministry, Pakistan is facing water shortages which are going to get worse with every passing year.

They said there is need to construct additional water reservoirs for ensuring the sustainability of existing irrigation supplies bringing more lands under cultivation and to increase per capita water availability.

Under the plan, five dam are under implementation having total water storage capacity of 7.747 million acre feet. These projects include Diamer Bhasha, Naulong, Kurram Tangi, Nai Gaj, and Darawat dams.

Four dams including Garuk, Winder, Papin and Pelar are ready for implementation. These will add 0.142 million acres feet water storage capacity.

Seven more dams are under planning of the Government having 13.948 million acres feet water storage capacity. These projects include Hingol, Akhori, Shyok, Munda, Tank Zam, Bara and Chiniot dams. On completion, these dam projects will add water storage capacity of 21.837 million acre feet.